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Arduino recycling

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December 17, 2015

Trash isn’t trash. It’s a resource and to fully utilise this resource we need to think about how we can make garbage useful. One of the ideas that a noticeable hobbyist came up with is the ‘Trash Light’. A torch that’s made up of trash. ‘Does it even work?’ You might wonder. Not only does it work, it functions much better than a regular torch that you can purchase from stores. So how does trash become better than…  not trash? The answer lies within the Arduino board. This little supercomputer can turn anything useless to something useful. And in this case it’s a LED torch heres a demonstration:

The following components are needed:

  • 6×Green LED
  • 6×Red LED
  • 6×Blue LED
  • 6×White LED
  • 8×Snapple bottlesCleaned, saved from the trash
  • 1×Arduino Nano 3.0Chinese clone
  • 24×220 Ohm resistorsSo the lights won’t blind you or burn out
  • 4×RJ11 Phone cablesThese are trash in this country
  • 1×1/2 sized perma/proto boardAdafruit
  • 3×SN74HC164NLogic ICs / Flip-Flops, Latches, Registers

For more information visit:

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Arduino Temperature Control

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December 16, 2015

Arduino is a fantastic tool for controlling temperatures especially freezers. For fermenting beer, a chest freezer is a fantastic platform but the factory controls are far too cold. This controller project effectively overrides those by cutting power to the freezer once it chills to the desired temperature. The controller in this project is further enhanced with a standard electrical outlet and light switch controller.

When the switch is on and the temperature is higher than the thermostat setting, the outlet is powerered. When the switch is turned off, or the temperature drops below the thermostat setting, the outlet is off.

It uses a thermistor to measure the temperature in a freezer it then uploads the temperature to ThingSpeak. It also turns on a buzzer if the temperature is above -18°C.

In the unlikely case that you find the temperature of the freezer to be interesting, you can follow it here: Freezer temperature on ThingSpeak.

Or visit to learn more about this project.


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Arduino Robotic Arm

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December 16, 2015

If you don’t like Raspberry Pi’s version here is an alternative. Essentially a robotic arm that can move around, pick things up and can be programmed to do daily chores. A simple project with intense command scripts this project is recommended for more experienced Arduino users. Ideal as a tool for the disabled and elderly if this project is done right it will not disappoint.

Here is a list of components:

So what are you waiting for? Visit:

and get your very own robotic arm

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Arduino Wood Stove Controller

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December 16, 2015

Burning wood to create heat is a feat that requires great patience dating back to prehistoric times. However, with the newest modern technology even this ritual can be controlled. A small computer the size of your wallet will be enough to control the heat generated within your household. This project aims to allow you to control all the heating generated by wood through Arduino the supercomputer. Because of Arduino’s versatility modifications can be easily made and thus the temperature can be changed to suit your needs. Increasing, decreasing, turning and off will all be done through the Arduino. The controls are up to you and the potential for possibilities with this system is incredible.

If you’re interested in this project and would like to learn more visit:

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Arduino Computer

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December 16, 2015

Although the computer is only 8 bit it could potentially match up to any 32 windows-operating computer. The only thing stopping it is the fact that it’s extremely small (it’s an arduino board after all). This means that there is a limited amount of room for modifications. Of course this can be overcome by attaching it to one or more boards. If you wish to begin on this project it is recommended to first use an Arduino Uno board before moving on to the Arduino Mega Board. This project is relatively new if you’re interested visit:

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Raspberry Laser Cutter

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December 16, 2015

Cutting with lasers can be very dangerous and when accidents happen they tend to get quite nasty the Raspberry laser has taken a lot of things into account such as:

  • Safety
  • Component price
  • Time taken to complete project
  • Efficiency
  • Precision
  • Light intensity (If it’s too light it could damage your eyes- don’t worry about your pets, human eyes are different)
  • Diversity and modification

The laser can be changed to suit your needs and will cost $100 at most and is mostly used to cut paper. Great precautions should be taken to keeping the laser away from children as accidents may happen.

The laser is similar in design to a guillotine with the blade being replaced by the laser. Thus modifications should be made if you want to use this laser as a welding tool.



Built Smart Laser Mini Shield to the Arduino Mega (above picture)


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Arduino Home Voice Command Automation

Arduino, Projects

December 16, 2015

There are a lot of similar projects similar to this one but some Arduino parts can be very expensive. This project aims to minimise costs while maximising efficiency. Many home automations don’t give you a good interface, or you have to write a lot of your own code for the interface. They might be tethered to ethernet, or have poor wireless range, or can’t be battery powered.

Another important objective of this project is to provide all the information others would need to integrate wireless Arduino nodes into a full-featured home automation system, with polished Android/iPhone apps as well as browser-based user interface. In addition, the automation gateway can memorise and chart sensor data, react to sensor values (send emails, do android push or iphone prowl notification, etc…), as well as control existing commercial products you may already own (Sonos speakers, WEMO, Insteon, z-wave devices).

This design has been made to be as flexible as possible. This project is an enabler, by extensibly connecting two great open source platforms: Arduino & OpenHAB.

Only parts that you will need are:

  • 3×Arduino Uno, $10PIck one of the Arduino Uno clones with a 3.3V/5V switch, and use it only in the 3.3V mode. I’ve used the “Buono” with great success, and you can find it readily available on ebay. Then buy a real Arduino Uno just to support the project :)
  • 2×RFM69HW, $49 15MHz wireless transceiver. The HW (high power) version has the most range, over 700 feet without any complicated antenna design. Use the 915MHz version for US/Canada, and 868MHz version for EU.
  • 1×Wiznet 5100 shield, $8Ethernet shield for the Arduino ethernet gateway. Buy the fancy version if you got the cash, but the cheap ones seem ok too.
  • 1×Raspberry Pi, $40
  • 1×Four battery powered units1) MCP1702-3302E/TO, voltage regulator, 3.3V, good quiescent current. The other components are just your run of the mill capacitors and oscillator.

As you can see the prices of components have been taken into mind and only what is necessary can be seen. If there is anything else you want to know such as how the automation is actually done visit:

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Arduino PCB Mill

Arduino, Projects

December 16, 2015

There is only one objective of this project- to make a fully functional PCB mill for under $10. Now at most this project will only take around 1 week of your time or so. All you’re going to need is the following:

  • 1×Printer skeletonfrom a long dead Epson printer
  • 1×TD62003AP darlington arrayfor the z-axis motor
  • 1×Motor driver circuitryfrom the same printer as the skeleton
  • 1×stepper motor4-winding unipolar 12V, for z-axis
  • 1×DC motor – 12Vfor spinning the bit
  • 1×tact switchesfor manually setting z-axis
  • 1×ATMega 328-P
  • 1×PC power supply
  • 1×0.8mm drill bitthe dollar store variety. designed for hand held router
  • 1×various wires, screws, resistors, bits of metalSee the schematics and pictures for details

$10 is not including the printer


But then again you should already have a printer you’re ready to sacrifice in the first place. Even if you don’t have a printer an average PCB mill costs $2000 USD, are you willing to pay that much instead of simply purchasing a $50 printer?

If you want to build your own PCB mill visit:

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Arduino’s Wings

Arduino, Projects

December 16, 2015

Who knew that Arduino could grow a pair of wings?! This project is most likely one of the easiest you’ll ever come across. All you’ll need is the following:

  • 1×Push ButtonThe only button needed for this game
  • 1×Nokia 5110 LCD
  • 1×Arduino UNO R3

Simple isn’t it? That’s because Flappy Bird is a very simplistic game. There is only need for 1 button since the only thing you can do in the game is flap your wings anyways. So what’s the point of transferring an extremely popular game to a low-quality LCD? There is none. But here’s another question; why would you not transfer it? Because the graphics and resolution is horrible. But the point being is that this is a starting point. Meaning that it’s possible to get other games onto this device, not just Flappy Bird. And besides a lot of gamers prefer using buttons instead of tapping screens. So if you’re interested in getting games from Apple or Android onto an actual gaming device visit:

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December 16, 2015

It’s time to up your game! Never again will you ever fear the dark with this trusty 100 volt torch. This torch creates a large amount of heat so heatsinks are essential (preferable copper). Being a torch portability was also put into consideration and as such this torch can be easily moved around despite it’s weight. 

As you can see the light generated by the torch is enough to blur out the high resolution camera. It’s generally a good idea to keep the light from reaching someone’s eyes due to the light’s brightness.

As an object the only use for this torch would be to illuminate your surroundings (what else can it do?), but if you look at it through the eyes of a developer you will see that it could be a potential product. In short, this product could be sold accordingly.

If you want to know more and how this torch works visit:


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