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The Ard and the Gard


The food replicator is a sophisticated deep-space exploration asset, that guarantees taste and style while looting through the interspace. Food generators usually deliver full dishes, this robot generates food in its basic and freshest state. The core-ecosystem is an aquaponic universal bio mass generator that, given the right dimensions, can grow virtually any life-form. The robot operates with a closed loop water cycle serving as a protein suspension agent. A photon emitter mimics light-cycles of planet Earth. Just like the replicators built into spaceship enterprise this robot runs best with 220V and 40 liters of H2O. The system is controlled and automated with an arduino, a raspberry-pi running node.js and a 10 fold relay board.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own food from scratch then you might want to take a further look at this. Using energy and water to produce edible plants and biomass. This might be a precaution that you want to take in case disaster strikes. This project needs the following components:

  • 3×really useful boxes 35 liter
  • 1×ATX PSU
  • 1×raspberry-Pi
  • 1×arduinouno atmega 328p
  • 1×8 Channel Relay board
  • 1×2 Channel Relay board
  • 1×wi-fi dongle
  • 1×usb-hub
  • 1×webcam
  • 1×tornado light bulbphillips 220V AC

If you would like to learn more and want instructions on how to make this project visit:

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