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Raspberry shield


This board is useful for that people who want more from theyr raspberry pi. the board have the following features:
– 16 PWM channels
– 16 IO pins
– 8 ADC channels
– 8 DAC channels

– Power controller (with on-off buttons)
– RTC with alarms
– Level shifter for UART, I2C and SPI port

Everything on the board will be controlled by i2c bus, and with a little python script you can control also the power of your Pi. The power controller is a pic which switch 2 mosfets and monitorize 2 GPIO pins letting you safely switch off your Pi both from software and harware buttons. Plus you can program a power on time through the RTC alarm so you can turn on your Pi at a certain time.

Essentially an add-on this project will let you get more out of your already versatile Raspberry Pi. If you would like to learn more or want to build this project visit:

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