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POT00000000 CANNON


Potato cannons have been around since the early 50s and if you’ve ever studio Mayan history you’ll realise they’ve been around since prehistoric times- potatoes being shot out of blowpipes that is. Henceforth in order to evolve the potato cannon we will need to synergise it with modern technology namely Raspberry Pi.

The following equipment is needed for this project:

  • 1×Powerdrill motor and chuck
  • 1×Little kids bikeSprockets, chain, and bearings
  • 1×Linear Actuator
  • 1×Propane Valve
  • 1×BBQ Ignitor
  • 3×Tip 120
 Unfortunately the inventor of this project has discontinued his work but if you should be able to piece together how the cannon is made from the components above. If you require any more information or would like a guide to this project visit:

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