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Raspberry goes thermal


During the evolution of computers one stood out among the rest- Raspberry Pi. Despite it’s humble beginnings the Raspberry Pi has gone through a lot of changes resulting in it becoming the world’s most powerful supercomputer surpassing all other competitors in terms of size, compatibility, versatility and most importantly price. This project is going to focus on one of the many changes that the Pi has experienced- heat.

Other than the standard $60 price for the Raspberry Pi you will only need to spend $80 to purchase a MLX90621 16×4 IR sensor array. Thermal imaging relies on the heat generated by your surroundings (obviously) to allocate the person, thing or place that you’re trying to take a picture of. In order to increase the accuracy and precision of your photos you will need to modify certain parts of this project to suit your needs. E.g. if you live in a very cold area this project would need more accurate sensors that can pick up smaller heat signals but would fail to identify larger ones.

If you’re interested in developing your very own Raspberry thermal camera visit:

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