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Cheap of the Cheap Poor of the Poor- Turtle Vacuum


You will never find a cheaper project than this (hence the title) all this project is is simply a vacuum cleaner that’s been automated by the infamous Raspberry Pi. Sound simple? It is simple but that dosen’t mean that anyone can do it; you still need experience writing command scripts for automated machines.

Of course nothing ‘actually comes for free’ so you’re still going to need the following:

  • 1×Raspberry Pi 2
  • 1×Roomba 780
  • 1×Kinect for Xbox 360 + Hacked USB Splitter
  • 1×MinigorillaMultivoltage battery
  • 1×7pin Mini DIN + Jumper Wires + USB UART

For more information and how to assemble the turtle vacuum visit:

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