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Arduino recycling

arduino recycle

Trash isn’t trash. It’s a resource and to fully utilise this resource we need to think about how we can make garbage useful. One of the ideas that a noticeable hobbyist came up with is the ‘Trash Light’. A torch that’s made up of trash. ‘Does it even work?’ You might wonder. Not only does it work, it functions much better than a regular torch that you can purchase from stores. So how does trash become better than…  not trash? The answer lies within the Arduino board. This little supercomputer can turn anything useless to something useful. And in this case it’s a LED torch heres a demonstration:

The following components are needed:

  • 6×Green LED
  • 6×Red LED
  • 6×Blue LED
  • 6×White LED
  • 8×Snapple bottlesCleaned, saved from the trash
  • 1×Arduino Nano 3.0Chinese clone
  • 24×220 Ohm resistorsSo the lights won’t blind you or burn out
  • 4×RJ11 Phone cablesThese are trash in this country
  • 1×1/2 sized perma/proto boardAdafruit
  • 3×SN74HC164NLogic ICs / Flip-Flops, Latches, Registers

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