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Arduino’s Wings


Who knew that Arduino could grow a pair of wings?! This project is most likely one of the easiest you’ll ever come across. All you’ll need is the following:

  • 1×Push ButtonThe only button needed for this game
  • 1×Nokia 5110 LCD
  • 1×Arduino UNO R3

Simple isn’t it? That’s because Flappy Bird is a very simplistic game. There is only need for 1 button since the only thing you can do in the game is flap your wings anyways. So what’s the point of transferring an extremely popular game to a low-quality LCD? There is none. But here’s another question; why would you not transfer it? Because the graphics and resolution is horrible. But the point being is that this is a starting point. Meaning that it’s possible to get other games onto this device, not just Flappy Bird. And besides a lot of gamers prefer using buttons instead of tapping screens. So if you’re interested in getting games from Apple or Android onto an actual gaming device visit:

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