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Arduino PCB Mill


There is only one objective of this project- to make a fully functional PCB mill for under $10. Now at most this project will only take around 1 week of your time or so. All you’re going to need is the following:

  • 1×Printer skeletonfrom a long dead Epson printer
  • 1×TD62003AP darlington arrayfor the z-axis motor
  • 1×Motor driver circuitryfrom the same printer as the skeleton
  • 1×stepper motor4-winding unipolar 12V, for z-axis
  • 1×DC motor – 12Vfor spinning the bit
  • 1×tact switchesfor manually setting z-axis
  • 1×ATMega 328-P
  • 1×PC power supply
  • 1×0.8mm drill bitthe dollar store variety. designed for hand held router
  • 1×various wires, screws, resistors, bits of metalSee the schematics and pictures for details

$10 is not including the printer


But then again you should already have a printer you’re ready to sacrifice in the first place. Even if you don’t have a printer an average PCB mill costs $2000 USD, are you willing to pay that much instead of simply purchasing a $50 printer?

If you want to build your own PCB mill visit:

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