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SMS Printer


The text message printer was an idea to create a new tangible medium for daily communication. 

Replacing the screen of a mobile phone by a thermal printer, text messages will no longer be displayed; but printed! Afterward you can rip off the new message and keep it closer to you, pin it or pass it away.  

The project involved three major hardware components; an Arduino UNO, GSM Shield and Thermal Printer. The enclosure on the pictures was a single piece made with MDF wood and laser cuter.

Yep, receiving text messages will never be the same again after you obtain this handy software. If there’s anything important in a text sent to you it will be physically available not just digitally. This project is very cheap to make and could potentially replace your current printer. Even if your phone were to run out of battery the message sent to you would still be printed out making the SMS printer an invaluable asset.

For more information and how to make your own visit:

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