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Eye-Boggling Controlled Wheelchair


If only Stephen Hawking could get a hold of this. Using sensors to detect your eye movement it’s possible to move objects using only your eyes. Incredible? Yup, and it’s been done- the eyedrivomatic system does exactly what you think it does. The eyedrivomatic systems is a system that lets you drive things with your eyes. And in this case it’s a wheelchair. When your eyes move the wheelchair moves, look to the right and the wheelchair moves to the right look to the left and the wheelchair moves to the left. But how can it be so simple? The truth is it’s simple but not that simple. All of the complexities are handled by the mastermind of the operation- your pocket-sized Arduino board. So if you or one of your relatives is disabled you may as well take a look at this website to see some ‘alternative’ methods to simply rolling around in a wheel chair:

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