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Coffee from beyond


For all those coffee addicts out there you’re going to like this project. Making coffee will never be easier when you have an automatic machine that takes orders from the internet; meaning that you can place an order while at work and by the time you get home your coffee machine would have already prepared your coffee for you. Raspberry Pi is the central control for this project, you’re going to be needing one that preferably has heat sinks attached to it along with a fan to prevent overheating. The main objective in building this project is to create a coffee machine that can receive information from the internet (namely coffee) and transmit it into a physical object. For example you could order a Cappuccino online and the machine at home will make it for you. But this system is not limited to simple coffee machines. Think big, you could use this system to remote control almost anything as long as it’s within range. Meals could be prepared, lights could be turned on and even having your bath ‘drew’ (ready) before you return home.

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