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Arduino Electric Furnace

furnace of fire hell lake of fire

Ever wanted to make your own furnace powered by electricity? Probably never even thought about it. But with your Arduino board there are thousands of potential creations that you couldn’t even fathom to imagine. This project is one of them. As always Arduino will be the motherboard of the project controlling all the difficult or complex parts.

For this particular project you’re going to need the following:

  • 1×HP ESP-120 50V 57A (2950W) Server Supply~30 USD from ebay, second hand.
  • 1×Arduino
  • 1×Graphite crucible
  • 1×25m stainless steel wireAbout 2mm in diameter
  • 2×Logic Level Power N-MOSFETcsd18532kcs from Texas-Instruments.
  • 1×2mOhm Shunt Resistor
  • 1×OP ampOPA344, AD817 or similar
  • 1×HeatsinkFor the MOSFETS
  • 1×Some wires
If you have any experience with Arduino or other DIY projects you should be able to piece together the operation simply by looking at the components.

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