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Printable Robot Arm

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Ever wondered what it would be like to have a third arm? Mr. Hölldorfer has invented a robotic arm that is able to move upon four axis. It has four joints, hence allowing it to move much like a  human arm other than the fact that human arms are made up of only two joints- slightly less versatile than that of Mr. Hölldorfer’s creation. With a maximum weight of up to two kilo grams the arm can perform all the primary functions that a normal arm can do. The goal of the project is to make an arm controlled by disabled people so that they can provide their own needs instead of relying on their caretaker.

When you design your own arm it’s size and shape is completely up to you. But an ideal way to build this project is to have it composed of a number of sections connected by joints; each section should be around the same length with the final section being slightly longer than the other sections.

This functions similarly to that of a human arm allowing it to have all of your arm’s (I mean your actual arm) benefits and none of its demerits. The arm could potentially possess mobility by attaching it to a platform with wheels. Arguably, the arm is not easy to use and may not be the best aid a disabled person could receive. However, as Mr. Hölldorfer said; ‘this is just the beginning’ and that this could potentially be the breakthrough that will literally connect man with machine removing all the disabilities that humans could potentially have.

If you’re interested in this project and would like to work towards Mr. Hölldorfer’s brighter future visit:


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