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Smart Trap


Ever wanted to catch a rodent but normal mousepads just don’t seem to work? Like phones, cellphones have made the leap to ‘smart’ phones. The reason why it’s called smart is because…….. well it’s…. smart. It can think for itself due to it being an artificial intelligence. It has more features than a regular cellphone- going on the internet, taking pictures, holding your social status in it’s ‘hands?’ as well as being a very important part of your daily life. Well mousepads might not be able to take over for you as your significant ‘digital other’ but it can most definitely catch rats. That’s right. Rats. Everybody hates rats; their small, furry and absolutely disgusting. They carry fleas, harm children and are one of the greatest nuisances ever encountered by making. Wanna get rid of them? Absolutely. Heres how; were gonna catch them, each and every single last one of them using your Raspberry Pi. Anything can be used as bait. You’re gonna need some of the essential Raspberry parts- a camera module, a screen, a Raspberry Pi and your very own customised, improvised and above all improved mouse trap. If you truly do hate, loathe and want to kill rodents visit:

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