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Raspberry Photo Booth


Taking photos of your friends and family will never be more convenient with your personal Raspberry Photo Booth. Have problems with blinking when having your photo taken? Wont happen again with the Raspberry version. There are no lights flashing and 4 photos are taken instead of one. As soon as the photos are taken they are printed out so you can see how they look on paper before putting them into your picture frame. Essentially a large camera made from a suitcase this project also comes with style- Raspberry style.


Very easy to make, the Raspberry Photo Booth consists of a suitcase, a camera module, a 7″ TFT screen, a Canon printer and of course the Raspberry Pi. If you have any experience with Raspberry Pi project you should already be able to piece everything together in your mind; the camera displays image on the screen which in turn gets processed by the Raspberry Pi which is then printed out by the printer

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