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Raspberry Gameboy


Ever miss the classic Gameboys? Well nows your chance to have a taste of nostalgia. Raspberry Pi isn’t just about accelerating to the future. It’s also about reminding users of the past and history is always it’s most popular topic. In this case we’re going to be using:

  • 1×Raspberry Pi 2 BComputer (€38)
  • 1×4,3″ composite TFT display Display (€17)
  • 1×Anker Astro e5 Powerbank (16000mAh)Power source (€53)
  • 1×Snes controller (with colored buttons)Controls (€11)
  • 1×3-12v step-up regulator (Used for 12v display)Voltage regulator (€9)
  • 1×MaiTech DIY 2 x 3W Power Amplifier Board ModuleAmplifier (€2)
 Probably a bit more expensive than if your were to buy one online right now costing an average $17 from Amazon. But the thing is a DIY gameboy is a lot better than the official product. Allowing a a far higher level of versatility and customisation. You can choose what each button does and if you’re not satisfied with it you can add or take away buttons. Simplicity and sophistication come in may different varieties allowing beginners and experts alike to make their own personal gaming device. What makes this project stand out is the fact that your gameboy will be the only one of its kind as you would change its design as well as the parts that go into it.

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