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Just so you know, harming animals even if they cross your property in any way is illegal unless they possess any danger. However…….. blasting them full on in the face with water doesn’t actually hurt them. Meaning that it’s 100% legal, humane and even supported by the SPCA! So if you’re more of a dog person than a cat person then this might be what you want installed in your background to prevent them from disrupting your sanity (get it, its a pun :D). Cats are very lazy animals and lie around a lot during daytime, especially in someone else’s property. Why you don’t want cats in your garden isn’t my concern but just so you know cat’s that are toilet trained tend to mark out a territory by doing ‘you know what’ in someone else’s garden.¬†The system uses a Raspberry Pi that activates a certain protocol whenever the camera picks up on anything that resembles a cat (it can tell a cat apart a dog and even individual cats may be excused from the shower if you own them). The creator of this project has¬†written some rudimentary codes to make use of the PiCam Python Library which also allows him to record pre-cat-trapping footage, much for our enjoyment. When motion is sensed, the Pi trips a 24VAC solenoid water valve, which turns on the sprinkler and quickly soaks the intruder.

Here’s a demonstration of the cat trap:

If you have any safety concerns or don’t really want to get wet the Cat Trap is technically just a regular water sprinkler (honestly, its the same as being afraid of rain.)

For more information and if you want to keep cats out of your garden visit:

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