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Raspberry Skateboard


Whats better than a skateboard? An electronic skateboard that can go 23 mph! This project will probably cost more than your usual $100 budget Raspberry experiments but it is worth it in the end. The skateboard’s frame is composed of both aluminium and carbon fibre- opting for a lighter, denser and stronger board.

Heres are two demonstrations:

Users should be very cautious as helmets only offer minimal protection due to high potential velocities. An integral helmet is strongly recommended, Skateboard enthusiasts are advised to test run their boards before using them on the road. The single motor design can be upgraded to increase the speed as well as acceleration.

Compared to a normal skateboard the Raspberry version poses a much larger risk as accidents may result in sever injury or even potential death. But if you’ve ever tried riding a skateboard downhill you’ll realise that your regular skateboard isn’t very different in terms of potential hazards.

For more information on the skateboard visit:


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