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Raspberry Printer


The uprise of 3D printers has toppled technological empires. With the two biggest electronics companies Apple and Microsoft straining to develop their own versions of the 3D printer, your budget will be overwhelmed by the price tags that are set in stone upon their new creations. As such DIY is an alternative method that will result in the creation of your very own printer- enough to satisfy all your needs and taking on an appearance of your choice. The main reason why you would want to make your own 3D printer is simply because official products aren’t actual reliable as DIY 3D printers. As surprising as it sounds, this is mainly due to the fact that 3D printers require weekly maintenance and as purchased products don’t come with a live-in technician problems tend to occur quite frequently.

Here is an example:


If you don’t want your products to end up like this it’s recommended to make your own one. Once you know how a 3D printer functions you should be able to fix it if anything out of the ‘ordinary’ occurs.

Visit here to learn how to make your own:






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