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Raspberry Augmented Reality Device


Ever wanted to see the world in a different way? The Augmented Reality Device will allow you to see your surroundings digitally meaning that all your senses would be warped or as the title says; augmented. The project needs a touch screen and an eye camera. The 240*320 resolution and 10 fps are very low but after your eyes adjust to the settings it isn’t very noticeable. Compared to an official product that costs the standard $600 the Raspberry version is $450 cheaper and comes with warranty as you can fix it if any errors occur.


Augmented reality began in the 1990s and has been progressing every since. Developers have invented new devices and obtained high incomes due to overpricing. Whether you’re wanting to sell the device or use it for your own needs the RARD can be produced in bulk due to it’s low costs and customisable shape

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