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Ras ‘z’ Bot


Four gear motors are used to drive the robot in a skid steer configuration. A Raspberry Pi camera is used to view the bot’s surroundings at first hand . Controls are fully customisable although a game controller is recommended.

The following components are needed :

Custom PCB containing  two 2 channel motor drivers

AtMega 328 running ROSserial

Voltage regulator

Lithium protection

3S 2200 LiPo pack

Neopixel LED

  • 1×Raspberry Pi B, B+, 2
  • 1×Raspberry Pi Camera
  • 1×Turnigy 3S 2200mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
  • 4×25mm 100rpm 12V DC Gearmotor
  • 1×PCB and Electronics Components or OTS motor controller & voltage regulator
  • 1×SD Card Image with Raspbian Jessie, ROS and razbot packages installedDownload from:
  • 12×3D printed components
  • 1×Wires and connectors
  • 1×Socket cap screw hardware

The Razbot is a drone that uses a camera for vision. It’s users can view what it sees through the camera, much like drone racing. This project is very very simplistic, sophistication is almost completely out of the equation making it a very ideal first time project for beginners with the Raspberry Pi.


Of course for more experienced hobbyists and developer there are alternative way to make your designs more complicated.

Visit here to find out how to make the rabbit- easy and simple or difficult and customised:

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