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Michael Jackson’s Glove


A glove that is essentially the same as your iPad. Crazy right? But PiAcademy was determined that dreams would no longer be dreams. Meet the Pi Glove- a tribute to Michael Jackson the dead king of pop. Sending tweets, checking your email and even calling your parents is possible with this device. Although it’s rather difficult to get working results speak for themselves:

One advantage that gloves have over phones and tablets is that you can wear them when you’re driving. Automatically answering a phone call without even ringing? Yep, no distractions while on the road. Gloves can also be worn in the shower or the bath meaning that listening to music while drifting off in water is has never been easier. Not only do they have style gloves allow more convenient means; sensors are a lot more effective gloves allowing u to¬†find the temperature, weight and material that makes up an object simply by touching it.

If you ever wanted to have a pair of gloves in the office instead of a phone that distracts everyone visit here:

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