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Raspberry Web Secuirty


Over the past decade the internet has grown tirelessly accumulating knowledge far surpassing anything else of this world. But when progress takes place so do complications, and in this digital age the greatest complication of all has become a problem that has introduced fear to people’s hearts. Web security is inevitably important for most if not all internet users. Imagine purchasing something online with your credit card and waking up the next day to see two police officers at your front door arresting you on charges of fraud. That’s what happens when one of those legendary hackers invades your internet privacy and gets a whiff of your pin codes. The normal thing for a hacker to do after obtaining someone’s credit card number would be to go on a spending spree purchasing anything that catches their fancy regardless of it’s price. You might question how these people prevent the police from finding out their locations, well you see it’s rather simple one way or another they have either

a. Changed their I.P. addresses or use alternate internet sources e.g. an internet cafe

b. Using a device and then throwing it away

or c. setting up a personal web security system


Why is it so important to fortify your internet privacy?

Nowadays schools tend to warn your children about the importance of keeping information about themselves private. Schools do a lot of things wrong but this is without a doubt one of the things they’ve done right. Have you ever heard of the term ‘Online Predator’? Propaganda has exaggerated the threat they pose but the point being is that the chances of your children encountering them online is very high. As long as they know your I.P. address which they will if your children tell them they can obtain information about you and your family. Of course, this could not be their primary motive as money is usually the true objective.

It’s going to take you 2 hours at the very most to set this up and you will never have to consider firewall or any other security systems anymore. Visit here to protect you, your family and most importantly your money (just joking but seriously this highly recommended) :


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