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Raspberry Pi Vehicle – Introduction

Raspberry Pi Robot

What you will make

This instruction will show you how to make a raspberry pi based smart vehicle. This vehicle can run itself and detect which way to go by ultrasonic sensor.

We also provide some high level kit for bluetooth controlled raspberry pi smart vehicle. Please visit the following links for more details.

  • Raspberry Pi Smart Vehicle – Standard
  • Raspberry Pi Smart Vehicle – Advanced

What you will learn

By making this smart vehicle you will learn:

  • How to assembly a chassis and understand the basic parts of the vehicle
  • How to use a motor driver board
  • How to programming Raspberry Pi with Python
  • How to control servo
  • How to use ultrasonic sensor
  • How to finish the logic of detecting distance and choose the right way to go

What you will need

You need some hardware and software to finish this project.  Also you will need some tools when you assembly the vehicle.


  1. 1 x Two wheels vehicle car
  2. 1 x Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  3. 1 x L298N Motor Board
  4. 1 x SG 90 Servo & accessories
  5. 1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  6. 1 x 9V Battery Case
  7. 1 x Mini Breadboard
  8. 1 x Dupont Cables
  9. 4 x Small Copper Piles (30mm) & Bolts

You still need some extra tools in the progress


  • Raspbian
  • Python 2.7


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