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Raspberry Arm


Is there anything that Raspberry Pi can’t do? Give you an extra limb? Nope that it can! The MeArm project aims to bring a simple Robot Arm well within the reach and budget of the average educator, student, parent or child. The design brief was set out to build a full robot arm kit with standard low cost screws, low cost servo motors and using less than 300 x 200mm (~A4) of acrylic.

Where the MeArm project is different is that the problem it’s trying to solve isn’t about robotics but about getting people into science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics or STEAM. There are well over 10,000 MeArms in the wild at the time of writing, we’ve just fulfilled a Kickstarter for the controller, which marks the start of a new chapter, taking the MeArm to anyone who wants to learn to code!

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